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Pendant Beams

Pendant Light Beams

The pendant light beam is the perfect accessory for your rustic wedding or event. The beams are 5m long and contain 10 fancy filament globes per beam.  Each globe is suspended from the beam at an alternate height. They can be interconnected to run in succession.  Add a dimmer if you like.

The beams are perfect for installation in one of our clear span marquees (they look great under the clear roof marquee).  We can also install them in warehouses, barns, back yards, sheds or in the outdoors.  Installation in open spaces (including outdoors) is possible using our festoon rigging poles.


Colour: Warm White
Globes: 10
$75 each

Orders are not final until credit card details have been provided to us
Standard delivery to Bayside Melbourne. Conditions apply.

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